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Punishment pt 2

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So, let me explain it this way. Even though Brea is my sub, the fact that she is female automatically makes her superior to any male subs that I own. When I go out and leave a list of things to be done, Brea is in charge. making sure JJ does as he is told.

I left a list of chores to be done and when I returned, the list was not complete. Brea was flogged and sent home early and JJ got the cage for the night. I do not tolerate insubordinance. It is a privilege to be in my home, to be trained by me as a personal pet. But I think they have learned their lessons for they have both been VERY eager to please me this week. Brea made up for it with an hour-long queening session. JJ, being male, is not allowed to touch his Goddess (except occasional foot worship). But he has definitely improved this week.

I will be engaging JJ in some feminization sessions in the coming days. I ordered two new outfits for him. A plastic romper and babydoll style dress. If he continues to be a good subbie, then maybe I will be inclined to buy him a brand new cock to suck for his mistress. I started him on a small penis pop but it is high time he move on to bigger and better things.


JJ’s new romper

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