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I gave Stephy her first actual girl lesson assignments last night. I know she will excel at pleasing her Mistress and doing the best she can to earn her new boobs. I have given her instructions on how to practice walking and sitting more like a lady. She will also be practicing girly handwriting. I want to teach her every aspect of being a girl even the small things we do and don’t normally think about. Her other assignment is a bubble bath. Now I know you are thinking this is rather simple and mundane. But bubble baths are a ritual for females and is something that can bring her closer to be in touch with her feminine side. It is a time to do all the things that make us feel ultra feminine. Using all our lotions, oils and the girly scents that we put into our baths will make her feel truly feminine. Sometimes it is the small things like this that can have the biggest impact.

Now Reiji has received the toy I sent him and is using it to practice sucking. He feels very much like a slut in a mans body and we are going to bring that slut out of him. He is also going to be pushing himself as far as he can with eating his own cum. So far he has just tasted it, but I want him to get to the point where he can clean all of his own mess.

I have unfortunately had to let my female sub go. I have had some issues with er that compounded this last visit. I am very disappointed. I worked very hard with her only to find out that she was not as loyal as she pretended to be. Without me this girl will end up in a very bad place. I tried very hard to mold her into a beautiful, smart young lady. I was helping her get into school and to get a job. I was helping her to act like a lady and not the ghetto slut she is sure to become. I really hate when I put so much into someone only to find out that they never appreciated it. So now I am seeking a real time personal female sub again.

I also have taken on a new long distance sub. He has many years experience in service to strong dominant females. He is intelligent and willing and I think I will have a lot of fun with him.

So that is what is new in Lady pan’s world.

I had to cross post this from fetlife just this once. I am way too busy this weekend to do a separate post. Despite the fact that i let Brea go, I will be sharing some of the videos we made. I also have houseboy in them and you guys will just love him. He is very cute. I will also be adding some more vids to my youtube channel. Now that the repairs to my home are done and I have almost got everything in order now, I will have time to catch up on all this. See you soon.

Did mention I have a new toy! And new boots! Thank you my dear Reiji for the beautiful new footwear. I really have a thing for a great pair of boots. I also went out and got myself a new toy. I have used it in RP online but have yet to give it a real spin and cannot wait to do so.

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